Horsley Hills

Horsley hills are around 531 km from Hyderabad, 143 km from Bangalore and is a famous hill station in Andhra Pradesh situated at an altitude of 1265 mtrs. (4174 ft.) Making it a paradise, for the visitors, the journey to Horsley H ills is exciting as one gets to seek thick verdure of various species of plants and wild animals. The natural beauty of it is indeed irresistible no doubt its nick named as Andhra Ooty. We have an excellent success rate of satisfaction among.

Local Attractions:
Eucalyptus tree namely Kalyani is an 150 years old, Zoo, Natural forest as gifted by mother nature where one can spot animals like Bears, Wild Dogs, Jungle Fowl, Sambaras and Panthers, Tribal Museum.

Accommodation type : camping

Get indulged in the sinless fragrance of Kalyani, a 150 years old Eucalyptus Tree
If you want to experience the tribal life, Tribal Museum is a must visit in this location for you
The Natural Forest in this location in Andhra Pradesh has different animals that make you fall in love with Mother Earth all over again

About The Activity:
Beautiful trees, silent hills and cloud covered mountains are only some of the things that you get to see on this site. If you have always been closer to nature, this is a must-see location for you.